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Cover5′s NCAA Tournament Rules

For those new to Cover5 or our NCAA Tournament Game., here is a refresher on the rules and our scoring system:

1. Pick 5 Teams each day during the opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament.

*The lines will come out for Saturday’s games on Friday morning.

*The lines will come out for Sunday’s games on Saturday morning.

  • Pick 5 Teams on Thursday
  • Pick 5 Teams on Friday
  • Pick 5 Teams on Saturday
  • Pick 5 Teams on Sunday

2. Score points on your picks based on how your team does against the spread.

For example:

Duke – 7 Mercer

Final Score: Duke 76-Mercer 60

If you took Duke, you scored +9 points for that game.

(Margin of Victory for Duke (16) subtract the spread (7) = 9 points)

If you took Mercer, you scored -9 points for that game

(Margin of defeat (16) plus the spread (7) = -9 points)

3. Add up all 5 of your games to get your score for the day

Duke +9, Wisconsin +6, UCSB -8, Florida +10, San Diego State -5

Daily Total = +12 points

4. Add up all four days (Thu-Sun) for your overall total score

Thu +12, Fri +23, Sat +45, Sun -6

Overall Total = +74 points


  • Paul

    Will the games that will include a team from a play-in game (first four) be available to be picked/against once the opponent is determined? (i.e. Wichita St. is not available now on Monday but will it be available once the Cal Poly or Texas Southern game is played?)

    • Team Cover5

      Hi Paul,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, once those lines came out, we added them to the field. Thanks again for supporting Cover5!